#Travelogue – The Land Of A Thousand Hills by Fola Folayan
    Adedamola Idowu


    RWANDA.  she is like a shy well groomed beautiful girl that slowly opens up her face and reveals her charms to the visitor patient enough to discover her charms.

    What draws your attention as a first time visitor (especially if you are coming from a boisterous and rambunctious city like Lagos is the serene and almost sleepy nature of Rwanda’s capital city of Kigali.

    Located in the center of the country, Kigali is picturesque with numerous hills, ridges and valleys, and its incredible greenery.


    The residential area of Kiyovu where I happen to be staying for this trip is full of houses with amazing gardens. I have since developed a habit of early morning nature walks. The photos on this post are from such walks.

    It is important to note that Rwanda is a country that pays close attention and is committed to doing something about climate change, conservation and a green economy. (No surprises with all the greenery around)


    If you are in Rwanda and you are looking to shop for everything from Print fabrics to souvenirs to jewelry, everyday casual clothing and even food and vegetables, Kimironko is the market to visit.

    The prices are relatively affordable compared to when you buy the same things at the mall. It is however advisable that you go with someone who speaks kinyarwanda (the local language) or Swahili or even French. Once you show up there speaking English, the prices have the tendency to become multiplied by 5 or 10.

    (N100  is about 267 Rwandan Francs)

    The shop attendants are however quite friendly and are willing to show you around the market without even expecting a tip; (but it’s cool to be nice and tip like a good Nigerian. Lol)

    The food prices in Kimironko market are on another level though. My host in Rwanda are Belgians and as a properly brought up Yoruba girl from Naija, I have been craving food that has some hot pepper in it. I want rice and stew, I want fried Titus fish (or any fish) I want plantain and efo riro… heck; I’ll take indomie and egg at this point!

    Anyway the only Naija food items I could purchase here was plantains and Bonnet Peppers(ata rodo). So tonight I will have to make do with my host’s lasagna. But I promise you I will find a Nigerian restaurant and share the photos with you this week!