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Lagos is known for the hustle and bustle, it is a city that is always on the move and sometimes we all just need a well deserved break. Ife Grand Resorts located in the heart of Osun state is one place I definitely recommend. Think country side of course in Nigeria, horses and saddles and you should be thinking Ife Grand Resorts. I was there with a couple of friends who are also travel enthusiasts and we all had great things to say about it.

The Ife Grand Resorts which is located on 252 Acre of land is not just a resort, it epitomizes the Yoruba culture, the origin of mankind. From the chalets named after yoruba icons to the streets named after popular Yoruba towns and the ambience which is totally African, it’s no doubt a great place to experience African culture and heritage. The chalets rooms are large and spacious and appopriate for family getaways, trust me space is nothing to worry about.

The resort has mini stadium, children theme park, Jungle Experience park (Igbo Olodumare), African village and tree houses, gulf course, outdoor conference area etc. which on completion will blow your mind. The resort although not full completed is open to bookings and I was glad I went when I did. With the level of management I saw I’m definitely sure it will be nothing less than 5star when it is finally completed. If you are ever at the Ife Grand Resort or in Ife and it environs, I recommend you try the catfish pepper soup, I loved every portion and earnestly await your feedback.

What I specially love about the Ife Grand Resort is the proximity to most of the attractions Osun State has to offer. Osun State is widely known for heritage and its contemporary cultural environment, we were there just for the weekend and the feat we covered was amazing. I was at the Obafemi Awolowo Universty, Nigeria’s largest higher institution which my mum had constantly rang into my ears was the best :|. We visited the museum of antiquities and contemporary African art. I learnt a bit about masquerades and from that day was well informed about the different types of masquerades.

I learnt about Oranmiyan from locals who were told the story by their fathers which had been handed down from generations to generations, visited the second world heritage site Osun Osogbo grove in Nigeria and attempted for the second time to summit erin ijesha waterfall without success. I paid homage to queen Moremi Ajasoro, thanked her for the sacrifice she made that my clan may still be in existence today and also made a stop at Oduduwa Shrine and Grove, the abode of the legendary progenitor of the Yoruba race.

We also visited the blue blood,  the ooni of Ile Ife,  I mean who passes through the palace without greeting the king. This is the most the most informative trip I have been on this year and enourage you to not just look for a vacation outside of lagos, but one where you will learn about the history and culture of this famous city which dates back to 500 B.C. One which you will be indulged by the people at Ife Grand Resorts.

For bookings and more information, contact the website or If you want a total package, our friends at IrinAjo are on hand to cater for your needs.


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