Explore Kajuru Castle

Older | Price: N136,000 | Hotel: 3 stars |

Hotel: Castel  •  Price: N85,000 {Abuja}, ?136,000 {Lagos} •  Date: 27th -29th May

Take-Off: Lagos & Abuja

How much of an explorer are you? Have you been looking for that perfect getaway? Our journey to Kaduna State takes us to the much talked about medieval styled castle built in 1989 in Kajuru village. Here is a chance to spend the weekend at the self catering castle to mark the celebration of Worker’s Day. Dont miss the fun and excitement on this trip


Time of Departure: 6:00am

Lagos – Abuja by Air Return Ticket

Abuja – Kaduna by Rail Return Ticket

Train Station Pickup and Drop off

Accommodation in the Castle




Drink (Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic)