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Nigeria is a very interesting country. Our choice of tourist destinations is top-notch and our economy has always been one of the go-to state for global brands. This could be attributed to the nation’s abundant human and natural resources and buttressed by the number of foreign investments and economic migrant (expatriates) in Africa’s most populous country. From the foregoing, it is obvious that Business Tourism has been fairly successful in Nigeria. However, despite the nation’s abundant natural resources with Natural Attraction, Mountain Resort and Rock Formation, Cultural Attraction, Eco-Tourism Attractions, Beach and Coaster, Heritage, Museum and Monuments Attraction, Nigeria has not fulfilled her potential in Recreational Tourism.

Irinajo is an online based tourism organization set out to inform Nigerians and the global community on where to go in Nigeria, how to get there, what they will derive from their tourism experience. Nobody tells the stories of tourist attractions in Nigeria better than Irinajo. Our trips are fun filled and we give detailed attention to the security of lives and properties of our tourists.

Our primary focus is tourist attractions in Nigeria but at different times, we explore other destinations beyond Nigeria. Go with us on a journey and we will introduce you to places you don’t know and rediscover the ones you already know. We are on a journey to get you informed about tourist locations and attractions in Africa. A trip with Irinajo will take you away from daily routine experiences, provide an avenue for you to explore beautiful destinations, understand and communicate with nature. At the centre of our trips are the attractions where lasting life experiences are gathered. These are adventures that you would proudly share with those who are not privileged to get a feel of such remarkable experiences. Our work at Irinjo is not just to take you to interesting destinations, we also provide platforms for you to share your Irinajo stories. We go about our activities seamlessly from subscribing for our trip to taking you through the tour and returning you safely to your destination. For us at Irinajo, effective communication is important.